'Transparent' Creator Jill Soloway Comes Out

She is currently in a relationship with poet Eileen Myles.

"Transparent" show creator Jill Soloway came out during an interview with the New Yorker in the Dec. 14 issue.  

Soloway is currently dating poet Eileen Myles, who inspired a storyline in the upcoming season of the hit Amazon series. It shows Ali Pfefferman going to graduate school and falling for an older female professor mirrored after Myles. The writers on "Transparent" bought Myles' journals during a nonprofit fundraiser to help with character development. 

“I open it up, and the first thing it says is ‘Whoever falls in love with me is in trouble,’” Soloway told the New Yorker. “It was like she wrote to me without even knowing that I existed.”

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“So I go on sort of a deep dive of who Eileen is, watching videos of her,” she said.

“We had pretty much an instant connection," she added. Soloway is in the process of separating from husband Bruce Gilbert, a music supervisor on "Transparent."

On Monday, Myles was awarded the Clark Art Institute's 2015 Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing for her prose. 

"Being an art writer has always seemed a sparkling adjunct to being a poet,” Myles said while accepting the award, according to a press release. “Our capacity to get drawn towards, and even befriend and be befriended by the most interesting contemporary artists, becomes both second nature and a work outside poetry that exhilarates and refreshes our own practice. Art really quickly shows us time.” 

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