Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson Debate Foreign Policy Questions (VIDEO)

WATCH: Green Party, Justice Party Debate Foreign Policy

Democracy Now! is hosting a debate Monday night between two third party candidates: Green Party's Jill Stein and Justice Party's Rocky Anderson.

The broadcast is part of the news program's "Expanding the Debate" series, focused on featuring presidential candidates not included in the official debates (According to Democracy Now!, the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson declined an invitation.)

Moderated by Amy Goodman, the broadcast begins with a pre-debate discussion at 8:30pm ET, and then debate coverage from 9pm until Midnight ET. The third party candidates will be responding to the same questions posed during the Obama/Romney debate.

Many environmental activists have grown frustrated with Romney and Obama's failure to address climate change in past debates. Although absent from their debates, Obama declared during the DNC convention, "Climate change is not a hoax," after Romney used rising sea levels in a joke.

Stein stated in an address earlier this year, "A business model that destroys our forests, our fisheries, our topsoil, our water supplies, our health, and our climate – is a business model that will inevitably collapse upon itself." Anderson told Grist this past January, "...if we don’t move things rapidly in a more positive direction in terms of public support for climate protection policies and practices, it’s going to be too late."

Check out Global Post's look at where the third party candidates stand on foreign policy, in anticipation of another third party debate Tuesday night.

Join the #ExpandTheDebate discussion on Twitter, and view past "Expanding the Debate" programs by clicking here.

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