From Pretty Harem Girl to Bestselling Author

There's a reason she's been featured on Oprah Radio, Howard Stern, Vanity Fair and The View. It's not just her ravishing looks, nor her engaging story as part of a harem for the Prince of Brunei. Jillian Lauren is a star author in-the-making. Her heart-breaking, riveting and poignantly honest memoir, Some Girls, has now been topped by her debut novel, Pretty a heart-wrenching story of of Bebe Baker, a heroine on a street-level search for salvation.

If anyone had any doubt that Lauren could do it again after her first book landed on the New York Times bestsellers list; if anyone thought it was a fluke, all doubts will be put to rest when they begin reading the pages of Pretty.

Talent to spare, I sat down with Lauren and discussed heart-to-heart her process, craft and what it took to bring her novel into fruition.