Jillian Michaels In A Bikini For 'Fitness,' Hates Her A** (PHOTOS)

Jillian Michaels covers the July/August issue of Fitness, and in the interview the former 'Biggest Loser' trainer opens up about leaving the show, her body hangups and her workout regimen.

Here are a few excerpts; scroll down for photos and read the whole thing here.

On her least favorite body part:
“My ass! I hate it! There’s cellulite on it, and no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of it. The reality is that it’s connective tissue. I can starve and my boobs will go and my face will get gaunt, but I will still have cellulite. It’s not so much about aesthetics for me these days. Instead, I think a lot more about the mark I’m going to make on the world than about the back of my ass.”

On her workout hell:
“A marathon. I think, you’re at mile twenty and you have six more to go and your body is just battered and bleeding and miserable. I would rather be dead.”

On what she never skips in her workout:
“This is ironic. As much as I hate it, I run every time, like three miles. It makes you skinny, that’s why. It works.”


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