Trump Supporter Apologizes To CNN’s Jim Acosta After Giving Him The Finger

“I got carried away,” the man explained.

A supporter of President Donald Trump apologized to CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday night for giving him the finger during a rally earlier this year. 

“I got carried away,” the man in a “Make America Great Again” hat told Acosta, referring to a July event in Tampa where he flipped the bird at the reporter. 

Acosta accepted the apology and the exchange ended with smiles. 

Reporters at Trump events are often subjected to insults, gestures and other forms of vitriol. These actions are often encouraged by the president himself. 

Acosta has shared footage from inside the press area at these events, including the July rally in Tampa. The man who apologized can be seen giving Acosta the finger at 10 seconds and again at 25 seconds:   

Despite the angry crowds, Acosta told the Washington Post in October that he enjoys meeting Trump supporters. 

It gives them a chance to get things off their chests,” Acosta said. “But I also get an opportunity to let them hear directly from me.”

He added: 

“I don’t have any hard evidence that I’ve changed any minds. But I do, from time to time, hear from supporters who tell me they don’t think we’re the enemy of the people... My parents were blue-collar. So I can relate to a lot of these folks.”


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