Jim Cantore's Reaction To Thundersnow Is Amazing

WATCH: Jim Cantore's Reaction To Thundersnow Is Amazing

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore really loves thundersnow.

The phenomenon of hearing thunder and seeing lightning during a snowstorm is rare; in fact, only .07 percent of snowstorms are associated with thunder, Mother Nature Network reported.

Thundersnow needs a mass of cold air on top of warm as well as moist air closer to the ground. Such events are often coupled with "pretty decent snowfall rates," meteorologist Howard Silverman told National Geographic in 2009.

Experiencing thundersnow on camera? Apparently it brings out an exuberant child-like joy, which Cantore revealed during a liveshot of a blizzard on Sunday morning in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Needless to say, much shouting ensued:

Despite the rarity of thundersnow, Cantore experienced another incident of it on-air back in 2011. His reaction then was just as animated:

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