Jim Carrey's Latest Painting Slams Kent State 'Goldilocks' And Her AR-10

The student who posted the photo called Carrey's depiction "disgusting."

Actor Jim Carrey’s latest political artwork blasts a Kent State University student who posed with her AR-10 rifle on campus for her graduation photos.

In the photos, Kaitlin Bennett’s graduation cap was also decorated with an image of her gun and the words “come and take it.” She posted the shots on Twitter and they quickly went viral. The university prohibits guns for students, staff and faculty, according to school policy, but state law allows visitors to openly carry guns outdoors on campus, The Washington Post reported.

The Kent State campus became infamous in 1970 when Ohio National Guardsmen shot to death four unarmed students protesting the Vietnam war. Nine other students were injured when the guardsmen opened fire.

Carrey’s painting shows his version of Bennett, with a gun strapped on her back, in front of a large, macabre face of the devil. “Thanks a bunch, Goldilocks,” the devil says in Carrey’s tweeted caption of the painting. “Enjoy the show in Santa Fe,” the devil adds, apparently referring to Friday’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, where 10 people were killed. “Someday, real soon, I’ll have you for dinner.”

Bennett called Carrey’s painting “disgusting.” She said he should be in the painting with the devil because “you’re the one that supports gun control policies that let these kids die.”

Bennett’s photos were hugely controversial, particularly because of the deadly violence at Kent State and the recent school gun fatalities. Since the photos went viral, Bennett has complained that she has been the target of “blatant racism” and death threats.

One of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that killed 17 people in February reminded her in a tweet that the Second Amendment is no guarantee that she’ll never be a victim.

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