'Blasphemer In Chief' Trump Has Something On His Hands In Jim Carrey Cartoon

The actor took an unholy look at the president amid the anti-racism protests.

The Good Book is anything but in the hands of Donald Trump, according to a new cartoon by actor Jim Carrey.

The sketch posted Monday night shows the president holding up what appears to be a Bible just as he did in a photo-op a week after the police killing of George Floyd. Law enforcement officers unleashed tear gas on peaceful protesters to make way for Trump so he could pose with the Bible. But in the artwork, blood pours from the Bible down Trump’s arm.

“Blasphemer-in-Chief,” reads the caption.

The comedian’s work could be attacking the president for what critics say is pretend piety ― and perhaps for the blood that may be on his hands because of the violent rhetoric he has used instead of trying to unify the country during the unrest.

Just hours after Carrey’s post, Trump forwarded an unfounded conspiracy theory that the 75-year-old man who was pushed to the ground by Buffalo police, causing him to bleed out of his ear, was a “set up.” (Carrey had expressed his horror at the incident in a recent work.)

Carrey, a comic-turned-artist who is one of the president’s fiercest opponents in Hollywood, hasn’t shied away from religious-themed takedowns of Trump. In 2018, he portrayed the president crucifying Christ.

He also depicted Trump as a prisoner of demonic forces.