Donald Trump Reaps Revenge On His Maker In Jim Carrey’s New Political Cartoon

The president is a monster who has "a very strange dream" in the actor-artist's latest artwork.

Jim Carrey hit Donald Trump with a mocking new cartoon on Wednesday night as the House voted to impeach the president over the Ukraine scandal.

The actor-artist depicted Trump as Frankenstein’s monster ― complete with bolts in his neck ― choking his maker, who bears a striking resemblance to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“That night, Donald had a very strange dream,” Carrey captioned the art:

The House voted largely along party lines to impeach Trump on two articles ― abuse of power, linked to his pressuring of Ukraine’s government to announce a probe into his potential Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden, and obstruction of Congress, related to his administration’s stonewalling of the probe.

Carrey, who often tweets his anti-Trump artwork, earlier this month took a swipe at the president’s defenders with this “Moby-Dick”-themed piece:

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