Jim Carrey Gives Donald Trump 'The Exorcist' Treatment After Mueller Report

The president stars as a man possessed in the actor's latest cartoon.

Jim Carrey sees the devil in President Donald Trump.

The actor and political cartoonist referenced the vomiting scene from “The Exorcist” to give the president hell after special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was made public on Thursday.

The redacted 400-page version did not establish that Trump criminally conspired with the Russians in the 2016 election, but didn’t make him out to be an angel either.

In Carrey’s latest artwork, Trump sits on a bed covered in green puke with his head turned around, a la Linda Blair’s character in the 1973 horror classic. He blurts out an expletive that the Mueller report says he uttered after discovering that a special counsel had been named.

Carrey’s caption emphasized that Trump is “definitely not fit to be President” and “definitely not exonerated.”

And in the “Kidding” star’s sardonic view, he is possessed.

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