Jim Carrey Draws Damning Indictment Of Fox News' Coronavirus Coverage

The actor-artist swiped at President Donald Trump and the widely watched conservative network with his new cartoon.

Jim Carrey joined the growing chorus of criticism against Fox News for its politicized coverage of the coronavirus pandemic with his latest cartoon that he shared online Thursday.

“When America needed masks Fox ‘News’ gave them blindfolds,” Carrey wrote on his image showing Trump driving a busload of germs at Fox viewers who are crossing a street blindfolded:

Fox’s personalities ― including Sean Hannity, a staunch ally of Trump ― for weeks downplayed the threat of the virus. They have also hyped unproven treatments to their millions of viewers. Lately, they’ve joined Trump’s call to ease lockdown restrictions, against the advice of public health officials and soaring case numbers in many states.

Carrey earlier this year said he was done depicting Trump in his cartoons.

He changed his mind amid the pandemic, however, and has gone on to draw the president in all kinds of unflattering ways:

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