Jim Carrey Turns Trump's Mouth Into Explosive Device In Incendiary New Portrait

The actor/artist hits the president for "encouraging" whoever is behind the bomb scare.

Jim Carrey is placing the blame for this week’s bomb scare directly on President Donald Trump.

The actor/artist’s latest portrait shows Trump’s mouth with an explosive emerging from it. He released the artwork amid news of mail bombs being sent to prominent Democratic leaders, including former President Barack Obama as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton

Carrey’s caption said the perpetrator was “encouraged and emboldened by the hate speech of Donald Trump.”

The “Dumb and Dumber” actor and star of the current Showtime series “Kidding” is a frequent Trump critic, often using his art to mock the administration. Earlier this month, Carrey called Trump a “demon” and placed him in a reworked poster for the horror movie “The Exorcist.” And last month, he slammed Trump for “inciting civil unrest at his rallies.”

Over the summer, Carrey said that art was his way of dealing with current events and “expressing the crass everyone else wants to express and can’t necessarily do so.”