New Jim Carrey Art Warns Voters To Look For This Pre-Election Sign

"Be wary of diplomatic missions to Moscow prior to the Nov elections," the actor wrote in a tweet accompanying his latest cartoon.

In his latest politically charged cartoon, actor Jim Carrey warned that President Donald Trump could make history ahead of the 2020 election.

The cartoon depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin with Air Force One in his hands. In a tweet accompanying the cartoon, Carrey urged voters to “be wary of diplomatic missions to Moscow” before November, suggesting that Trump “may be the first American President to defect.”

Many of Carrey’s 18 million followers lapped up the new piece of artwork, his latest in a very long line of artistic critiques of the Trump White House.

Last week, the “Kidding” star used this image to condemn Trump’s Bible photo-op stunt amid nationwide anti-racism protests: