Jim Carrey Turns Donald Trump's 'Witch Hunt' Cry Against Him In New Art

The actor imagines the president burning at the stake -- "figuratively speaking."

It seems Jim Carrey has had enough of President Donald Trump crying “witch hunt!”

On the day Trump used the term “witch hunt” yet again to describe ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort’s conviction for tax and bank fraud, the actor-turned-artist conjured his latest artwork.

In a Wednesday post, “The Mask” star shared a cartoon that depicted Trump burning at the stake with “WITCH” stamped on it.

″#BURNTHEWITCH,” he wrote, careful to add a “figuratively speaking” beforehand.

Good thing because comedian Kathy Griffin’s infamous photo of her holding the bloodied, severed head of a Trump dummy was perhaps too literal for many, and it derailed her career.

Carrey’s cartoon attacks on Trump and his administration don’t appear likely to end anytime soon.

“I can’t just watch this nightmare unfold,” Carrey said recently.



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