Jim Carrey's Fart Metaphor For Donald Trump Is Pure Poetry On 'Late Show'

The "Sonic the Hedgehog" star's stinky summation of the president hangs in the air with Stephen Colbert.

Actor Jim Carrey recently stopped making his cartoon takedowns of President Donald Trump, but he isn’t done raising a stink. (Watch the clip below.)

The “Sonic the Hedgehog” star followed a parade-like entrance on “The Late Show” Wednesday with a fart metaphor aimed at the newly acquitted commander-in-chief.

Speaking on the importance of making people laugh, Carrey told host Stephen Colbert, “It gives us a break from the obstreperous, bloviating bag of flatulence that is trying to take the shiny city on the hill and turn it into a Dutch oven. We don’t have to pull the covers over our head and breathe deeply the ambrosia of evil.”

Fast forward the video below to 3:09 for Carrey’s wind-breaking assessment.