Jim Carrey Hits Fox News With A Clucking Cartoon Analogy

The actor-artist captioned his latest withering artwork with the #FoxNewsMustGo hashtag.

Jim Carrey’s latest cartoon takes a swipe at Fox News for misleading viewers.

The actor likened the widely watched conservative network ― which has drawn criticism for downplaying the coronavirus pandemic ― to “lost little chickens with their heads cut off” in the piece he shared online Monday.

Carrey’s art depicts Fox News personality Tucker Carlson as a headless chicken asking: “The real question here is... who let him talk to Woodward?!”

Last week, famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward released audio of the interviews he conducted with President Donald Trump for his new book “Rage.” In one recording from early February, Trump acknowledged the threat posed by the coronavirus. In public, though, the president chose to falsely play down the danger. 

Carlson, instead of calling out Trump for his own comments and failures, blamed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for facilitating Woodward’s interviews with the president.

Carrey has used his art to call out Trump and his allies, including prime time personalities on Fox News, on multiple previous occasions, including this withering image in May:

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