Jim Carrey Turns Sharp Eye Toward Jeffrey Epstein And His Powerful Friends

The actor-artist's latest cartoon targets the financier convicted of operating a sex ring with underage girls.

Jim Carrey, the actor-artist who trolls President Donald Trump on social media with critical cartoon drawings, turned his attention to Jeffrey Epstein, the former hedge fund manager convicted of helping to operate an international sex ring which recruited underage girls.

federal judge ruled last week that prosecutors in Florida broke the law when signing a lenient plea-bargain agreement with him in 2007. Epstein served only about a year in an arrangement of jail time and work release that began in 2008. One of the prosecutors who made the deal, Alexander Acosta, serves as secretary of labor in Trump’s administration.

Carrey’s drawing shows Epstein in a setting with palm trees in the background, presumably a visual reference to his private Caribbean island where he would host lavish parties. Peeking out from behind Epstein are two partly obscured faces that resemble Trump and former President Bill Clinton, both said to have been friends of Epstein. In 2016, an anonymous woman even accused Trump of raping her at one of Epstein’s parties when she was a teenager, but she later dropped the suit.

Carrey wrote on Twitter: “Jeffrey Epstein had an island where VIPs allegedly exploited and abused child sex slaves. He had many rich and powerful guests there. Gosh...I hope none of them are embarrassed by the association.”

This story has been updated to include information about the dropped lawsuit associating Trump with Epstein’s underage sex parties.