Jim Carrey Hits 'Hideous And Hateful' Lindsey Graham In New Portrait

The actor/artist calls the South Carolina Republican a "disgrace."

Jim Carrey slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham in a biting new portrait in which the actor says the South Carolina Republican’s attitude explains why women are afraid to report sexual assault.

Last week, Graham aggressively defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh from just such allegations, and accused Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee of trying to “destroy this guy’s life.” He also declared that anyone who voted against Kavanaugh was “legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics.”

Carrey’s response came in the form of a very unflattering image:

Carrey has been using his artwork to attack President Donald Trump and members of his administration and other politicians, including Graham. Earlier this summer, he blasted the South Carolina senator for “shifting with the political wind when your country desperately needs you” and warned that “in the end it will be as if you never really existed.”

Earlier this year, Carrey said that his artwork was a way of dealing with current events.

“You can tweet all you want, but there’s something about a picture that takes it to a whole other level,” he said.

Carrey is currently starring in Showtime’s “Kidding.”

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