After Mueller Report, Jim Carrey Sarcastically Asks: 'How Could I Be So Wrong?'

The actor-comedian munches on crow in a new artwork -- but it's clear he doesn't really think Trump is "100% above reproach."

In a long-running series of satirical artworks posted on Twitter, actor-comedian Jim Carrey has criticized President Donald Trump for a multitude of things, including his actions that have been under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller for the last two years.

Now, Attorney General William Barr has made public his summary of Mueller’s report, saying that there was no finding of conspiracy and that evidence of obstruction was insufficient to move forward ― and Carrey has made it clear this wasn’t the outcome he was expecting.

In his latest artwork, posted on Twitter Monday, Carrey shows himself at a dinner table with the remains of a bird in front of him. “Ahh... waitress,” he says. “More crow please!”

But Mueller’s report, as quoted in Barr’s summary, specifically says that “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him” ― meaning Trump’s claim of “total exoneration” is false.

And Carrey, writing on Twitter, indicated that he thinks justice will catch up to the president sooner or later.

“Today we eat crow,” he wrote. “Trump’s goose will be slow-cooked.”