Jim Carrey Sacks 'Overinflated Pigskin' Donald Trump In New Cartoon

The football-themed artwork warned the president about his "premature endzone dance" following William Barr's Mueller summary.

Jim Carrey has game.

The actor and political cartoonist tackled the subject of President Donald Trump’s gloating after attorney general William Barr declared him not guilty of collusion in a four-page summary of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

In Carrey’s football-themed work posted Thursday, Trump, wearing No. 666, is in full uniform falling to the turf.

“While you’re busy doing your premature endzone dance, don’t trip over the challenge flag you overinflated pigskin!” Carrey wrote.

The “Fun With Dick And Jane” star promised “this play WILL be reviewed,” perhaps hinting at possible revelations about Trump wrongdoing when and if the Mueller report is revealed in full.

Or perhaps the comic was simply looking ahead to other matters that may befall the president. “The game is FAR from over!” Carrey wrote.