Jim Carrey Turns Paintbrush On Rudy Giuliani With Ghoulish New Portrait

“Ghouliani: Finally a face we can trust."

Jim Carrey’s artistic output is becoming more political by the day.

The actor-turned-artist has taken another shot at President Donald Trump’s administration with his latest portrait ― of former prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who this week joined Trump’s legal team:

“Ghouliani: Finally a face we can trust,” Carrey sarcastically captioned the artwork that he shared to Twitter Friday.

The portrait follows Carrey’s unflattering depiction of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who is now at the center of a federal investigation, which he posted online the day before:

Carrey has also recently taken aim at Fox News host Sean Hannity:

National Security Adviser John Bolton

And Trump himself:

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