Democratic Congressman Hilariously Recommends 'Sexting' As An Organizing Tool

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) may have found the solution to Democrats' woes at the polls this November.

In a Labor Day C-SPAN appearance that was flagged by the The Daily Caller, the civil rights leader appeared to endorse "sexting" as a new way to get people out to vote.

"Use the tools that we have," he told an elderly caller concerned about the shooting of Michael Brown. "We've got great tools to communicate about everything else. We can text -- what do we call it? Sexting. Let's do some voting, organizing over the Internet. We've got the tools. Let’s use them for a new massive movement that will make sure that we can have in November 2014 the kind of turnout at the polls that we had in 2012 in November."

It's not clear whether the third-ranking House Democrat, who is 74, intended to recommend sending voters sexually explicit messages as a new organizing tool. An author to his left appears to laugh at the suggestion off camera.

C-SPAN removed the word "sexting" in its official transcript of Clyburn's remarks, but the video remains online.

UPDATE: Reached for comment on Friday, a spokeswoman for the congressman said, "it's clear that he misspoke."



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