Jim Cramer: "Everybody Wishes Obama Would Just Kind Of Go Away" (VIDEO)

Here's a video of Jim Cramer, kicking it with Joe Scarborough, on the issue of healthcare reform. At the ready is a "stunning" poll indicating that Americans were more concerned with paying down deficits than they are about stimulating the economy. Chances are, those Americans are under the impression that the economy is already stimulated, and that attention rightly should be paid now to combating deficits down the line. Naturally, Scarborough turns this into an issue of health care reform: "Don't you think," Scarborough asks Cramer, "that this puts the Obama administration behind the eight ball on health care?" Hey, maybe a poll on support for health care reform would be a better way of placing the issue in context? Probably!

But Cramer insists, without evidence, that "when Americans hear health care reform, it just means tax increases." No chance that Americans think it might just mean, "Oh! You mean I might be able to afford asthma inhalers for my family, and what not?" Not at all! In fact, according to Cramer: "Until we get the economy moving again, I think everybody wishes that Obama would just kind of go away for a little bit."

Seems like only yesterday that the media was telling us that everyone wanted Obama to work on the economy and nothing else, forever. But now it's time to "go away." Surely, this is indeed what "everybody" wants!


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