Jim Cramer: Occupy Wall Street Would Have Appealed To Me In My Youth (VIDEO)

Jim Cramer's Surprising Admission About Occupy Wall Street

CNBC's Jim Cramer made a surprising admission on Friday when he said that, in his youth, he would be participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Cramer was speaking on CNBC's "Squawk On The Street" Friday morning when the show's producers rolled tape of Occupy Wall Street's more chaotic moments. Host David Faber asked Cramer about his thoughts on the movement.

"Well I was at one point I'd say further to the left than most, and was part of a series of protests..." Cramer said. He was presumably referring to a time before he embarked on his career as a high-flying hedge fund manager and financier.

"You sound like you have to apologize for that, I don't think you do," Faber responded.

"No, just that I think...it's a different time, and when you thought about that time, the Soviet Union for instance was
still a power, so you were really trying to always skirt the notion that you were working for foreign interests when you were against certain issues and Vietnam," Cramer said.

Melissa Lee then asked Cramer if he were "a twenty year old today, would you be out in Zuccotti Park?"

After a short pause Cramer answered, "probably yes, probably yes." Cramer did follow this comment up with reiterating that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are non-violent but that he wishes the protesters "would spend a little bit more time talking about people who actually did things wrong as oppose to people who just did well."

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