Jim DeMint Endorses Ken Buck In Colorado

According to Politico, South Carolina Senator and national conservative leader Jim DeMint will endorse the insurgent right wing candidacy of Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck for Colorado Senate.

DeMint, is described by Politico as "a prolific fundraiser for candidates who share his conservative principles." Along with conservative blogger and fellow Buck Supporter Erick Erickson, he founded the Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC aimed at boosting right wing Republican candidates over moderates. The Senate Conservatives Fund reported having raised $238,189 for a handful of conservative candidates through the end of 2009.

Buck's campaign has been strapped for cash, only raising $40,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009. On Monday, his Republican opponent, Jane Norton, reported an $816,000 dollar first quarter. Buck has yet to file his first quarter fundraising numbers.

Equally--if not more--important for Buck, who was a relative unknown prior to running for Senate, DeMint's endorsement lends even more legitimacy to his once-obscure campaign. Buck gained national exposure after winning the Republican caucuses in March despite being vastly outspent by Norton. The endorsement of a national party leader will likely further dispel to some degree the prevailing narrative that Norton's nomination is inevitable thanks to her support from national Republicans.