Jim DeMint Asks Jamie Dimon For Advice On Regulations (VIDEO)

The Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday grilled JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon about his involvement in the bank's stunning losses. Not all the questions asked of him, though, were so tough.

South Carolina Senator and Tea Party favorite Jim DeMint asked Dimon for advice on how to create effective regulations.

“I would like to come away from the hearing today with some ideas on what you think we need to do, what we maybe need to take apart of what we’ve already done to allow the industry to operate better," he said. "I'm really honestly looking for some ideas."

DeMint even offered some kind reassurance that Congress isn't doing much better.

“We can hardly sit in judgment of your losing two billion,” he said. "We lose twice that every day here in Washington."

Dimon later generously offered to get an apartment in D.C.

“Me and lots of other folks, we’ll do whatever you want, we’ll even get apartments down here," he said, "Let’s go through in detail.”

Though Dimon on insisted he is in favor of "strong regulation," he has expressed plenty of opposition for more Wall Street regulations (including the Volcker Rule, which he deemed "unnecessary").

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