Jim Gibbons Celibate Since 1995: 'I'm Living Proof That You Can Survive Without Sex For That Long'

Jim Gibbons Celibate Since 1995: 'I'm Living Proof That You Can Survive Without Sex For That Long'

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Embattled Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons was under oath this month to answer questions about the alleged assault and threatened rape of Las Vegas resident Chrissy Mazzeo in 2006. Although criminal charges were never pursued, Mazzeo's civil suit is ongoing -- and the information to come out of the deposition seems conflicted, to say the least. Today, the governor claimed in his sworn deposition that he hasn't had sex since 1995 -- with his wife or any other woman -- adding, "I'm living proof that you can survive without sex for that long," reports Las Vegas Now.

Mazzeo's alleged assault is not the only incident weighing down Gibbons's personal and political life, and his recent deposition reflected that turmoil. As LVN put it, "Mazzeo and her attorney Bob Kossack think the governor is lying, not only about events on the night in question but about his personal life."

The governor filed for divorce in 2008, after he was linked with alleged mistress, Playboy model Leslie Durant, and Kathy Karrasch, to whom he sent 860 text messages from his state-owned cell phone.

From Las Vegas Now

Gibbons testified that he had never been unfaithful to his wife and specifically denied having sexual relations with two women linked to him in media accounts -- Leslie Sferraza Durant, the ex-Playboy model who accompanied Gibbons to a Reno rodeo and has been seen with him at various restaurants and Kathy Karrasch, the married woman who exchanged hundreds of late night text messages with Gibbons.

Both women now say that their relationships with Gibbons were platonic. As for his alleged assault of Mazzeo, the governor denies it all:

When asked whether he had been flirty or had told any raunchy jokes while having cocktails with Mazzeo and others, Gibbons said he wasn't a good joke teller and said he did not know the meaning of the term "double entendre."

He denied playing footsie with Mazzeo under the table because, he said, he was wearing cowboy boots...

Gibbons says the only time he touched Mazzeo was when she stumbled as he helped her find her vehicle.

"I don't have any claim to being a bright individual," Gibbons later added.

Read the full deposition below:

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