49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Had A Pushup Contest With A Walrus

WATCH: 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Got Into A Pushup Contest With A Walrus

Here is an amazing video of San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh doing pushups with a walrus.

No, that's not an ill-conceived joke about a player at training camp. We're talking about an actual walrus named "Siku," who lives at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, just north of San Francisco. And, yes, the man in the footage is actually Harbaugh, despite the fact that he isn't wearing his infamous khaki pants.

Here are photos of Harbaugh's adventure. (Story continues below.)

Harbaugh Does Push-Ups With Walrus, Poses With Sea Lion

We don't believe Harbaugh was on a scouting trip; though at 1,750 pounds, Siku the Pacific walrus would make one hell of an addition to any offensive line.

According to NBC Bay Area, Harbaugh visited the park along with his family on Sunday. In addition to challenging the female walrus to a pushup contest, the coach bottle-fed a tiger, gave an elephant bananas, pet a dolphin and kissed a sea lion.

The 49ers likely have no plans to recruit Siku, but it begs the question: How would you defend against a walrush?

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