Jim Henson's 'Robot': 1963 Short Film For The Bell System Released (VIDEO)

Before he helped pave Sesame Street or invented the Muppets, Jim Henson was a young, experimental filmmaker. One of his earliest works, a 1963 short called "Robot," has been unearthed and put on YouTube by AT&T.

The film, made for the company then known as The Bell System, was shown at a seminar for leaders of the then-nascent data-communications field. AT&T, which rustled up the video from Henson's archive and put it on its YouTube page, writes that the film was inspired by an executive named Ted Mills and his memo to Henson, which described the relationship between man and machine this way: "He [the robot] is sure that All Men Basically Want to Play Golf, and not run businesses -- if he can do it better."

"Robot" features a cold, unfeeling machine consuming "oceans of information" as it derides the laziness and emotional vulnerability of man. It's a fun, dark little piece with a kicker that will leave you smiling.

In 1966, Henson created an Academy Award-nominated experimental short called "Time Piece," which you can see here.


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