'Clueless' Jim Jordan's Attack On Biden Backfires Spectacularly On Twitter

The Ohio congressman's critics stepped in with a blunt reminder of recent history.

Rep. Jim Jordan’s name was trending Monday night on Twitter... and once again it was for all the wrong reasons. 

The Ohio Republican attempted to pin a recent rise in gas prices on President Joe Biden

As Jordan’s critics on Twitter were quick to point out, his tweet fails to mention that widespread shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic last year dramatically reduced travel and, with it, demand for gas.

That caused prices to plunge. 

Many of Jordan’s critics were happy to offer a lesson in recent history.

More than a few also delivered some blunt reminders of his own recent past, in which he has been accused of ignoring molestation allegations against Ohio State University’s wrestling team doctor during his time as an assistant coach there.

Jordan denies those charges, but several athletes have corroborated the story.