Jim Jordan’s Unhinged Nazis Comparison Summed Up In 1 Word On Twitter

The Ohio Republican suggested the threat from the "radical left" was similar to that of the Nazis. Critics hit back.

Critics summed up Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) latest controversial claim with one word; projection.

Jordan, appearing on conservative network Newsmax, suggested the “radical left” of 2021 poses a threat to the United States that is on a par with the “evils” of Nazi Germany, imperial Japan and slavery.

“Every third generation in this country has had to do something big,” said Jordan, a staunch supporter of ex-President Donald Trump.

“You think about the Founders and what they did when they declared why we’re going to be an independent country, what they had to overcome, the greatest military in the world. They did it,” he continued. “Three generations later, Lincoln and the Americans then held the country together, got rid of the evil of slavery. Three generations later, America defeated imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, the evils that those two ... countries represented and the greatest generation won that war.”

The current assault, three generations later, is “from the radical left,” claimed Jordan, a right-wing extremist. “We have to step forward and do our part like previous generations of Americans have done. I think we’re up to the task.”

Watch the video here:

Critics called it the “textbook definition of projection,” among other things:

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