Jim Messina, Organizing for Reaction

I was shocked to read this morning of the fact that Jim Messina, manager of President Obama's 2012 campaign, had marketed himself to the UK's Conservative Party, while, at the same time, chairing the president's "Organizing for Action" program here in the States.

What's this all about? Is it a a lack of grounding values that had made Messina such a useful political operative since 2009-10 when his mission was often one of curbing the "overenthusiastic" liberal advocacy groups, who, as result, missed that window of opportunity?

Does it underscore the Obama administration's very thin commitment to anything close to a progressive economic agenda, so much so that they seem determined to resurrect Larry Summers yet again?

Or is it an arrogance of position that assumes that Americans are so ignorant that Obama's people can decry Republican austerity at home while at the same time support Conservative austerity in the UK -- and no one will care or even notice?

Or, is it simply a matter of the money to be made that adds up to his kind of political amorality?

Well, I for one hope some people here notice enough to deny another dime of support for Organizing for Action on this side of the Atlantic while its leader promotes Organizing for Re-Action on the other