Watch Jim O'Heir Behave NOTHING Like Jerry Gergich, A.K.A., Like A Total Jerk

Well, we'll never be able to look at Jerry/Garry/Larry the same way again.

You probably know Jim O'Heir as the lovable, polite and often put-upon character on "Parks & Recreation," but in the latest episode of J. Claude Deering's Funny Or Die web series, "Things Are Going Great For Me," he's anything but nice.

That is, until he shares a tender kiss with J. Claude at the end.

You're probably a little confused, but don't worry. We're pretty sure Jim O'Heir isn't the foul-mouthed jerk you see above. That's because J. Claude Deering sets up each episode of his web series to make things as uncomfortable as possible.

"Many of the guests are friends of mine (who are doing much better than me)," Deering explained in an email. He didn't know O'Heir before this episode but said the actor was "completely game" to do play the bad guy in this particular episode.

"I thought it would be redundant to do an episode beating up on the guy who's known for getting beaten up on, and thought it would be funnier if 'Jerry Gergich' was a secret d**k in real life," Deering added.

And, in case you're wondering what that kiss was about: "The ending is a little homage to a particularly memorable scene from 'House of Cards.'"

Watch the video above (Warning: some NSFW language) and catch up with Deering's equally awkward episode featuring Melissa Fumero from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" here.



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