Jim Parsons Dyed His Hair Blond To 'Shake Things Up' In Lockdown

The star of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Hollywood" said he wanted to give husband Todd Spiewak "one and a half companions" while in self-isolation.

Sheldon Cooper, we hardly knew ye.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Virtual Town Hall Monday, “Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons surprised fans with a platinum blond hairstyle. The reason for the new look, he said, was simple.

“Quarantine causes changes,” Parsons told host Jess Cagle. “I wanted to shake things up for the husband [Todd Spiewak], who only has one companion.”

“Now he’s got sort of one and a half companions,” he continued. “A little new thing to jazz it up.”

Some fans had caught on to the makeover a few days earlier, after Parsons sported his new ’do on an Instagram Live chat.

Parsons, a four-time Emmy winner, is currently promoting Netflix’s “Hollywood,” Ryan Murphy’s limited series that presents a revisionist take on the golden age of cinema. Parsons plays a fictionalized version of Henry Willson, a talent agent who subjects Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) to verbal and sexual abuse while priming him for movie stardom.

Willson “was gay at a time when that was unacceptable, and to succeed in this business, that must remain hidden,” Parsons told Vanity Fair. “I think Henry knew that he wasn’t a looker ― so he made it his thing to say, ‘I can’t own you because you are so attracted to me. What I can do is own you because I’m smarter than you, wittier than you, and I have more power than you.’”

Last month, Parsons told Jimmy Kimmel that he was exploring other creative outlets like painting amid the coronavirus crisis because “acting jobs are not guaranteed.”

He’s now joined a host of celebrities who are using their time in self-isolation to give themselves at-home dye jobs.

Last month, Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed she’d dyed her hair pastel pink, while Hilary Duff and Elle Fanning have gone for other punchy colors.

Watch Jim Parsons chat about his new hair on SiriusXM below.

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