Jim Tyree's Death, Rahm's Plans For Police And More On This Week's 'Chicago Newsroom'

One of the great stand-bys of local news analysis is the weekly show "Chicago Newsroom" on Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV). Host Ken Davis gathers journalists and thinkers from around the city to discuss the biggest issues of the week.

On this edition, the Chicago News Cooperative's Mick Dumke, Barb Iverson of Columbia College, and political strategist Don Washington discuss the future of print journalism in the city after the death of Jim Tyree, Rahm Emanuel's influence over new interim police chief Terry Hilliard, the mayor-elect's potential responsiveness to the citizens of Chicago, and more.

It's a must-watch for us every week, and we figured we'd pass this latest round-table on to you, our readers. Watch, and be enlightened.