How Nelson Mandela's Words Apply To The Ferguson Movement

How Nelson Mandela's Words Apply To The Ferguson Movement

What do the young leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement have to teach renowned global leaders at the World Economic Forum?

Quite a lot, according to Rev. Jim Wallis, president and founder of Sojourners.

“This is the most ‘included’ group of people on the whole planet,” Wallis said during a conversation with HuffPost Live in Davos, referring to the 2,500 heads of state, business leaders, philanthropists and artists who have gathered in Switzerland for the annual event.

“The moral test is how the most included can connect to the most excluded,” Wallis said.

In just a short amount of time, the young people who filled the streets of Ferguson have rose to the national stage, causing Americans to think deeply about how racism is still plaguing the country.

Wallis said that the dignitaries at Davos need to take a cue from these protesters and ask themselves, “What are you going to risk?”

“Leadership is not finally about skills as much as sacrifice,” Wallis said, paraphrasing the South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela. “Sacrifice is what builds movements.”

Watch Rev. Jim Wallis' talk link Nelson Mandela’s spirit to the Ferguson protesters in the video above. Click here for the full HuffPost Live conversation.

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