Top Democratic Consultant Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A Democratic campaign committee has launched an investigation into the charges.
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WASHINGTON ― Democratic consultant Jim Walsh resigned from both of his digital strategy firms on Tuesday, facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Walsh was the co-founder of the two firms, DSPolitical and Rising Tide Interactive.

“After an incredible 7 years helping to build DSPolitical and Rising Tide Interactive, I’m leaving the team I love,” he wrote Tuesday afternoon on Facebook. “It has been an incredible experience and we’ve achieved so much with our amazing clients. Some of you have already heard from me, but for the rest of you, I’m looking forward to catching up soon. Thanks to you all!”

HuffPost spoke with a woman who said Walsh sexually assaulted her over a decade ago, when she was 21 years old and was looking for advice about how to get into politics. She is involved in politics in Washington state, so she brought her concerns to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the national organization that the party works with.

This woman said she spoke with the DLCC on Friday, and the official there expressed concern over the allegations and said they would be investigated.

Mara Sloan, the communications director of the DLCC, confirmed that the group had received a complaint against Walsh, and that their legal team had launched an investigation.

The woman also said she recently told her colleagues about her experience with Walsh, and explained that she did not want the party working with his firm. One of her co-workers confirmed that she heard from the woman about a week ago on this topic.

The woman said she first brought her story to her supervisors about a year ago, when they were looking for a digital firm to work with. She wanted to make sure that they did not choose DSPolitical, so she told them what had happened with Walsh.

More recently, she told the DLCC what happened because the organization was going to be hosting an event that she would be involved with, and she wanted to ensure that Walsh would not be participating.

Walsh’s biography and information was quickly taken off the websites of both of his firms.

On Tuesday night, the leadership of DSPolitical and Rising Tide Interactive sent HuffPost a statement on Walsh:

This evening, the HuffPost published an article detailing the exceptionally alarming allegations against our former business partner, Jim Walsh. We are deeply saddened and distressed by the accusations both as individuals and as progressive firms who live our values.

The foundation of our firms is the desire to move the progressive movement forward and help elect individuals who share those values. We will continue to prioritize inclusion, respect, safety and dignity within our own companies and with our industry.

There is no place in our movement – or in our firm – for the kind [of] behavior alleged in the article. This article, and work like it, helps shine a light on unacceptable sexual behavior in many industries, including ours.

We will continue to work tirelessly to advance the progressive causes in this country and in our own backyard.

Walsh did not return a request for additional comment.

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