World Bank President: There Are Many Ways To Combat Inequality

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim joined Arianna Huffington in Davos on Friday to discuss two of the main topics of this year's World Economic Forum: mindfulness and the income gap.

Talking about mindfulness, Kim stressed the many benefits of the practice for people around the world. "Many people could benefit from meditation," Kim said.

The World Bank president argued that it's hard to ignore the many medical benefits of meditation, adding that positive testimonies of people around the world can't be wrong. He also noted the scientific basis of his push.

"This is not about religion," Kim said, "It's really about physiology and anatomy."

Kim also told Arianna he was delighted to hear that the World Economic Forum had made income inequality one of its priorities this year.

To highlight the urgency of the situation, Kim pointed to a new Oxfam report that concluded that the top 85 people in the world control as much wealth as the bottom half of the population. "That's as stark as it gets," he said.

Kim added that the growing income gap is one of the World Bank's top priorities, and that the organization is planning on using a new tool to measure living conditions among the poor in communities around the world.

"We shouldn't just sit here in beautiful Davos wringing our hands over hors d'oeuvres talking about inequality," Kim said. "There's very specific things we can do."

Watch Jim Yong Kim's interview with Arianna in the video above and take a look at the liveblog below for more news from Davos.