Jimmy Carr Caught Using Tax Avoidance Scheme K2: Comic Sheltered £3.3 Million Per Year

British Comic Caught In Major Tax Avoidance Scam

Comedian Jimmy Carr is among around 1,100 wealthy British citizens who have been found to use a tax avoidance scheme called K2 that allows them to only pay 1% income tax, according to The Times.

Carr, who is one of the UK's most popular stand-up comedians and has appeared on several comedy programs on British television, was discovered to have sheltered £3.3 million per year (roughly $5.2 million USD) in the Jersey-based scheme.

The comedian's lawyers confirmed his involvement with K2, although calls soliciting further comment were not returned.

While K2 has been roundly blasted, it appears that Carr and others involved have broken no tax laws. However, HMRC is currently investigating the shelter in order to "ensure a level playing field for all taxpayers."

In a twist of irony, Carr had previously lampooned tax avoidance on the comedy show "10 O'Clock Live" in 2010. In it, he portrays a teller for the British bank Barclays, where he pitches a "1% tax scam" used by the bank to private citizens.

In March, Carr was chosen as one of the British comics to appear at the Secret Policeman's Ball alongside American comedians like Jon Stewart and Ben Stiller at the first U.S. hosting of the event.

For more on this story, click over to HuffPost UK's coverage of the story.


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