Jimmy Carter On 'The Most Serious Violation Of Human Rights On Earth'

It's something he feels so strongly about, it made him leave the Southern Baptist Convention.

With nearly 16 million members, the Southern Baptist Convention is one of the largest Baptist denominations in the world, and one of its many members used to be none other than President Jimmy Carter.

However, Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, left the group in 2000 after nearly 70 years as active members. People were shocked by the move, but, as Carter explained to Oprah during a recent interview on "SuperSoul Sunday," the Southern Baptist Convention introduced certain beliefs that year that did not align with his own.

The most serious violation of human rights on earth is the abuse of women and girls. Jimmy Carter

"They decided, or ordained, several things that were contrary to my basic beliefs in Christ," Carter says. "One of them was that women are inferior to men and don't have a role to play in a leadership position in the Southern Baptist Convention. So now women are forbidden to be a pastor or chaplain in a military or a deacon in a church."

The devout Carters withdrew from the Southern Baptist Convention that year.

More than a decade later, the former president says addressing the issue of women's rights across the globe remains of the utmost importance.

"I believe," he says, "that the most serious violation of human rights on earth is the abuse of women and girls."

To learn what the Carters are doing to address human rights and suffering, visit cartercenter.org

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