Jimmy Carter Offers His Take On Why Sexual Assaults Are Rampant On College Campuses

Jimmy Carter Weighs In On College Sexual Assault

Former President Jimmy Carter wants people to recognize that abuse against women not only happens in the third world, but it happens in the United States as well.

Carter joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss his latest book, "A Call To Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power." He called the abuses against women and girls around the world the "most horrible" human rights violation happening today, and turned his attention toward problems dealing with sexual assaults at college and in the military.

"For instance two of the most, I guess, revered institutions in America would be the university system, which is superb, and also our military," Carter said. "And sexual abuse, sexual assaults take place more on university campuses than anywhere else in America."

According to Carter, it's a problem that often goes unaddressed by university administrators.

"They don't want to bring discredit or criticism to the universities to have an increase in reported abuses," Carter explained. "What develops on college campuses is serial rapists who know that on a college campus they can get away with it, and they do."

Carter's comments follow a record number of complaints and federal investigations of colleges over concerns schools have failed to adequately investigate and respond to sexual violence. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama launched a task force to review how schools are doing on the issue.

Research also backs up Carter's notion about serial rapists. A small percentage of men are responsible for an inordiante percentage of sexual assaults in colleges, and undetected rapists frequently reoffend.

Watch President Carter discuss the issue in the video above.

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