Jimmy Fallon And 'Sesame Street' Photobomb Kids, And It's Too Cute

This'll sweep all the clouds away.

This is brought to you by the letters "Awwww!"

In a special edition of "Celebrity Photobomb" on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon brought in Big Bird, Elmo and his other friends at "Sesame Street" to jump in the photos of unsuspecting kids. Fallon said it was about the cutest thing ever, and it's hard to disagree.

One kid even says, "Cheese," while "Sesame Street" characters goof around in the background. Like, just stop it, y'all. You're adorable. We get it.

And when the kids find out, their reactions will sweep all your clouds away.

"Sesame Street" comes to HBO on Saturday, Jan. 16.

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