Jimmy Fallon As Jim Morrison Sings 'Reading Rainbow' (VIDEO)

WATCH: OMG, Jimmy Fallon As Jim Morrison

Can we take a minute to talk about the amazing spectacle that is Jimmy Fallon impersonating Jim Morrison singing "Reading Rainbow"? Starting... now.

If you missed "Late Night" last Friday, you missed yet another installment in Fallon's music-legend-covering-unexpected-songs series that started with his Neil Young singing "Pants on the Ground." This time, Fallon performed a dead-on impersonation of Mr. Mojo Risin' crooning the theme song to the classic children's educational program that begins, "Butterfly in the sky..."

Our favorite part is the lengths the show goes to for authenticity: The outfits worn by "The Doors," the camera angles, even the aspect ratio make it look more of a '60s-style TV performance. And while we're not surprised that The Roots can effortlessly nail The Doors' sound, we're still impressed.

We're wondering whether there is literally any impression that Jimmy Fallon can't do perfectly. Any doubt about Fallon's rightful place in the comedy lexicon should be long gone. (And if you had any doubt by this point, you're out of your mind.)

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