Jimmy Fallon Deftly Avoids Substance While Guessing At Arnold Schwarzenegger's Catchphrase

Schwarzenegger will replace Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice."

Sticking to his signature easy-breezy line of questioning, Jimmy Fallon hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday and tried to guess his catchphrase. 

Schwarzenegger takes over for President-elect Donald Trump as host of “Celebrity Apprentice” when it returns in 2017. Trump will stay on as a producer of the TV show while simultaneously leading the United States, but precisely what his involvement will look like has not been revealed.

Fallon, who once invited a barrage of criticism for mussing Trump’s hair on “The Tonight Show” instead of using his platform to ask valid questions, avoided all of that. 

“I love reality shows. And I love you. And I love the show,” the late night host said after mentioning Trump in passing as the outgoing host. 

Later, he would interview Schwarzenegger through silly Snapchat filters. But first, Fallon was very interested in how the new reality TV host would eliminate contestants. (Famously, the president-elect used the phrase “You’re fired!”) 

His suggestions weren’t too shabby:

“Hasta la vista, baby.”

“You won’t be back.”

“You’re fired! Get to the chopper!” 

Whichever Schwarzenegger chooses, Trump will undoubtedly let us know his opinion over Twitter when the show returns Jan. 2.

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.