Jimmy Fallon As Donald Trump Takes Credit For Killing Osama Bin Laden (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon broke out his hilarious Donald Trump impression once again Monday night, this time spoofing Trump's reaction to the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

In the sketch, Trump takes the same podium that President Obama did when he addressed the nation Sunday night, saying that something grave and serious had happened. Of course, he meant that Obama's address had cut off the last 16 minutes of "Celebrity Apprentice."

In true Trump fashion, Fallon boasted that Obama was so intimidated by him, he specifically chose his show to interrupt:

"Where were you during the Paul Reiser show, Mr. President?" Trump asked.

Watch the full bit below to hear how Fallon-as-Trump then deduces how he can take credit for the entire Navy Seal operation ("So basically, I killed Osama bin Laden.")