Jimmy Fallon Clocks Donald Trump For His TikTok Distraction

"The Tonight Show" host made quick work of the president's threat to ban the short-video app.

Jimmy Fallon has no time for President Donald Trump’s threat to ban TikTok, the Chinese-owned short-video app that’s so popular. (Watch the monologue above.)

On “The Tonight Show” Monday, the host tried to make sense of the president’s preoccupation. “Is he the president of the United States or the preacher from ‘Footloose,’” Fallon cracked.

“Apparently this is a very real national security threat ― China’s government knowing which Americans can and can’t dance,” the host continued.

Joking that Trump used to confuse TikTok with “60 Minutes,” the comedian went on to explain why Microsoft’s proposal to buy TikTok might not be the best idea.

See why above.