Jimmy Fallon: Elon Musk Now Owns The Heavens — And Twitter Hell

And former President Donald Trump goofs up the the name of his own social media operation.

Elon Musk just bought Twitter for a cool $44 billion, but it’s hardly going to be all sweet tweets, Jimmy Fallon said on “The Tonight Show” Monday.

“He now owns SpaceX and Twitter,” noted Fallon. “It’s like Musk is thinking: ‘I’ve seen the heavens. Now onto hell.’”

As for Donald Trump, who was permanently banned from Twitter, the former president said he’s not returning to the social media site, even with Musk as the owner. Instead, Trump is sticking with his own social media company — if only he can remember its name.

“Tough Socials? Trout Chapel? Thor Ragnarock?” Fallon mocked.

Trump called it “Troth Sential” at an Ohio political rally Saturday. He eventually got it right. But no matter; he has used the service only once.

Check it out here:

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