Fallon Tapes ‘Surreal’ Episode In An Eerily Empty Studio Amid Coronavirus Fears

"The Tonight Show" and other late-night talk shows are about to go on break due to the coronavirus infections.

Jimmy Fallon’s show is about to go on hiatus until the end of March as NBC suspends production of his “Tonight Show” as well as “Late Night With Seth Meyers” due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Before going on break, Fallon did an audience-free show Thursday, which included a message to fans saying he’s “just as confused and freaked out” as everyone else.

“But what I do know is when we’re there for each other is when we’re at our best,” he said. “And I am here for you.”

Then he promised one last “hour of mindless entertainment” before the pause with this monologue:

Thursday’s offerings including Fallon learning to take a fake punch from actor Dane DeHaan:

DeHaan later called the audience-free taping “surreal.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz dropped in with some timely tips on handwashing:

Fallon also shared a taped segment in which PGA golfers tried to sneak oddball phases into their interviews:

And singer/actor Mandy Moore dropped in for an interview and to perform her latest tune:

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