DIY Jimmy Fallon 'Ew!' Costumes Will Make You Seriously Freakin' Flip

Finally there's a DIY costume that's definitely not "ew!"

A new music video from the "Tonight Show," featuring Sara, aka Jimmy Fallon, and, aka, is blowing up, and the only thing better than the vid has to be the girls' awesome style. These looks are definitely anything but basically basic. And with Halloween coming up, they are an easy way to look totes OMG.

Fallon even thinks it's a good idea:

Thankfully, put together some instructions for bringing these looks to life.

Sara (without an H)

ew sara

What you'll need:

A purple dress, fuchsia tights, blonde wig, tiara, fake braces, silver shoes, gold heart necklace, pearl bracelet, diamond bracelet and tons of attitude.

sara ew stuff

miriam ew

What you'll need:

A yellow dress, blue leggings, pink pony backpack, disco puffs wig, purple shoes, purple socks, cat eye glasses, pink bead bracelet, green bead bracelet and definitely no impleggies.

miriam ew

The Final Looks:

final look ew

Make sure to bring your BFF and leave Uncle Gary at home because this is going to be the best Halloween ever. Seriously. Seriously. Ew! Ew!



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