Jimmy Fallon, Seth Rogen And Zac Efron Are Selfie-Obsessed Teenage Girls In 'Ew!'

It's a testament to Zac Efron's impossibly perfect physique that he is somehow the least believable-looking teenage girl in this edition of Jimmy Fallon's ridiculous send-up of TeenNick shows, "Ew!"

You'd think Seth Rogen's scruffy beard and gravelly voice would make him seem less like a member of the One Direction set, but it's Efron's arms that really scream, "That is a full-grown man who spends a lot of the time at the gym wearing a baby-doll dress." But despite his appearance, Efron's natural totes-over-it quality somehow makes him the perfect teenage girl... one we just KNOW wouldn't hang out with us.

Nevertheless, seeing Fallon, Rogen and Efron crowd together for a group selfie and struggle to keep it together during head writer A.D. Miles' appearance as the annoying stepdad is worth its weight in "Ews!"



Jimmy Fallon!